Kinga Czerska

I see the world around me as an intense amount of connections and information that my mind has to process, with never ending amount of nuances and details. The work comes from the daily processing of everything that surrounds me. If you can imagine flattening everything in front of you into one plane and analyzing its contents you will be able to see what I see. As the world restructures by shifting and undulating I try to capture the brief moment when it is stable just before another shift occurs.

I devote my time to the study of different patterns and structures found in architecture, engineering, animal kingdom, stars and galaxies, the human body and psyche. I am amazed at the intricacies of the natural and manmade environments and the phenomenal detail that allows for each piece to fit creating a graceful, precise, elegant and balanced world.

I need to understand how it all fits, what holds it together and most importantly how one can affect all as all the elements interlace, change, shift, and reconfigure.